WELCOME to Cinema Show Music - CSM, a full line multimedia, music and sound production company, which has been in operation since 1977.  We produce, compose, arrange, contract, engineer, program computers and synthesizers, perform multi-instruments, record, edit, and master music and sound for films, records, television and commercials.

Founded and owned by music producer Bruce Lowe,  Cinema Show Music is a four-time Grammy-winning music and sound production company with credits that include

        Stevie Wonder Paul McCartney                   Michael Jackson
        Elton John Madonna Quincy Jones
        Stephen Spielberg                 Andraé Crouch Billy Preston

and many more. www.cinemashowmusic.com/credits

Bruce also has numerous films www.cinemashowmusic.com/films and TV credits with approximately 14 currently airing Warner Bros TV shows.  www.cinemashowmusic.com/tv

In 2018, Bruce launched Music Has Healing Power with the mission of making music accessible to all and to provide a better life through music and sound, instruments, education, scientific research, compassion & love.  

Please visit www.MusicHasHealingPower.org for more exciting information about Music Has Healing Power! 

Music Has Healing Power is the brainchild of Cinema Show Music and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation located in California.